2 chinese wives and maid fuck for a husband in his office

The two Chinese wives cozied up on the couch in the office of their shared husband, knowing they wouldn't have to be alone for this special night. They giggled as they anticipated the surprise that awaited them. Just then, their husband entered and motioned for the maid to follow him. The two brides watched hungrily as the couple began to undress each other, their arousal intensifying with every passing second. The maid eagerly joined in and soon all three were rolling around passionately on the office floor. The wives took control, pleasuring their husband any way they could. Each one competed to satisfy him more than the other until finally they both shared equally in the rapturous experience, feeling bound by a powerful connection between them. The trio of pleasure-seekers left the office feeling utterly sated. They had just experienced a connection two Chinese wives were rarely afforded the opportunity to share.

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