a female asian ass laying on a bed

She lay there in ecstasy, the night ebbing in around her. Her long, slender Asian frame was draped in soft silk that highlighted her curves. Her smooth tanned skin, which impressed creamy hues onto the white of the sheets, was like heaven. The air between them was thick with anticipation as he watched her ass rise and fall with each deep breath she took. She could feel his gaze burning into her, intensifying her desire to be explored and devoured. He came closer, savoring each curve of her body, finally dealing with her deliciously round ass, licking and kissing it slowly. With each little moan of pleasure that escaped her lips, the sensation of his touch grew stronger until she clinched her sheets, unable to take anymore. Without a word he knew exactly what she wanted and in one swift movement, he was on top of her, pushing deep inside and together they moved in perfect rhythm, his lips grazing her neck and her hands skimming her body until finally, releasing her into the night.

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