a girl getting anally fucked on a bed

Alice lay back on the bed, eagerly awaiting her lovers touch. She could feel her anticipation build as she felt a finger press gently against her tight ass. Her breathing grew quicker as it pushed further. Then a second finger, faster and deeper. She bit her lip to keep from groaning, her excitement taking over her body. He continued, pushing and stroking until she was ready. He moved himself into position and then thrust deep inside her. She gasped with pleasure as he entered her, her walls clenching tightly around him as he moved. He increased his pace, anally fucking her with abandon until she found her release and shouted with pleasure. She felt satisfied and content in his arms afterwards, the pleasure of their anal fucking leading to a contentment that flowed through her body. They lay there, their fingers threaded together and she felt sure that her pleasure was shared.

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