a girl sucking on her male's cock while being in bed

The soft ripples of velvet sheets cascaded over her bare body as she lay in anticipation of his arrival. His strong hands moved up her legs with a gentle touch, until they reached her hips and pulled her closer to him. The mere presence of his body next to hers was enough to make her heart race. She moved atop him, her hips grinding against the hard contours of his body in an endless rhythm of want and need. Her lips closed around the smooth tip of his cock and she gently sucked, feeling the tenderness of his skin. Her tongue explored the length of him, teasing him with every stroke. He groaned in pleasure as her mouth moved faster and harder; his hands were now tangled in her hair. She took him deeper and deeper until finally he moved her body and laid her on the bed. He took his place between her legs then, pushing his way into her with a passionate force. All she could do was close her eyes tight and suck on her lip as her body rode out wave after wave of pleasure.

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