a man in black is getting fucked by another

A tall, handsome man dressed in black was standing in the shadows, scanning the room. His eyes finally landed on his target. The other man was dressed in a tight red shirt and jeans that hugged his athletic figure. His gaze lingered with desire as he watched the other man move around the club like a lion. He made his way over and they exchanged heated glances. Neither able to take their eyes off one another. Without a word, the man in black grabbed the other man roughly, pushing him up against the wall. The heat between them was almost tangible. His hands moved up and down the other man’s body. Eventually, the man in black spun him around and began pressing his body into his from behind. The other man gasped as he felt the man in blacks hot member enter him. They moved together in rhythm, their bodies intertwined like one. As their passionate session continued, the club was drowned out by their intensity.

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