a sexy asian woman in black panties playing with her pussy on a bed

A sexy Asian woman was wearing nothing but a pair of black panties as she lied back on her bed. She'd been fantasizing about this moment all day long, knowing full well that there was no one to disturb her now. With teasing movements, the woman slowly ran her fingers across the lace of her panties, exploring her womanhood beneath the fabric. She moaned softly as her slender fingers parted her inner lips and started to toy with her clit, making circular motions around it as a wave of pleasure ran through her body. She continued to play with her pussy as her breathing increased, gasping as her delicate fingers found the right spots. The woman felt as if she was on the edge of an amazing orgasm and knew that it was coming soon. One last stroke of her pussy and her body started to tremble in ecstasy as the waves of pleasure brought her to her climax. As she lay there, panting from the pleasure she'd just received, all she could think of was the pair of black panties she was wearing.

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