a sexy woman in a black bathing suit with her long finges on the bed

She stood tall, her curves on full display in the tight black bathing suit. Its thin straps caressing her supple and deliciously tanned skin. Her long fingers rested on the bed, tracing its soft sheets. She felt the heat rising inside her, and thought of the night ahead. She walked around the bed, her hips swaying softly as her black suit clung to her body. Running her hands down her body, she let out a soft moan, the fabric of her suit brushing against her sensitive nipples. She let her long fingers explore her curves, her caressing touch sending waves of pleasure through her. She lay down on the bed and closed her eyes, then opened them only to catch sight of the moon peeking through the window. She sank into the thick fabric, sighing deeply as her long fingers toyed with the straps of her bathing suit. This was bliss and comfort rolled into one, and she soon drifted off into a deep and sexy dream.

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