a very attractive woman is having her huge ass fucked by a man

The woman was a vision of beauty, her eyes a deep ocean of longing and her body a temple of tense curves. She hadn't expected the man to be as attractive as he was, but she was more than happy to have him ravish her body. She shivered deliciously as he spread her cheeks and let out a loud moan as he entered her from behind. His every thrust filled her body with pleasure, as every inch he penetrated made her dizzy with pleasure. She felt her orgasm rising and as she moved her hips to meet his, her huge ass bounced with every thrust. He was too much, pushing her over the edge as she screamed out his name and clutched the bed sheets. Her mouth was hung open as she gasped for breath, and it was with a trembling sigh that she let out her pleasure. She felt him reach his own climax, with a few final thrusts that made her huge ass quake beneath him.

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