a woman and man in lingerie are having sex

The woman in her sheer, lacy lingerie was mesmerizing. The man moved closer to her, his hands gently tracing along her curves. His touch grew more bold and he matched her mischievous smile as their hands entwined. He moved his hands around her waist and pulled her closer, pressing her against him. She felt an arousal grow within her like waves on the sea, crashing against the shore. With an eagerness and abandon, they peeled off each other's lingerie and embraced in their own heated passion. The man moved atop her as he kissed her deeply and passionately, his manhood pressed firmly against her. His hands roamed her body as they moved in a cadence of heated motion. She moved her hips in a slow and tantalizing way, her body quivering with pleasure. The woman and man in their lingerie were engaged in a passion that could barely be contained. They moved their bodies in perfect harmony and tasted rapture together until they were breathless. At last, they lay there content, satisfied, and still in their lingerie.

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