a woman in a red top sucking her hairy pussy

Mia was lost in her own world, pleasure. More specifically, pleasure derived from her own body. She threw herself onto the bed and let out a heavenly sigh as the softness of the sheets embraced her curves. Her fingers gracefully stroked her shapely breasts before travelling further down her toned stomach, to her inflated inner thighs. Suddenly overcoming her, Mia felt this warmth ignite within her core. She bit her lip and pulled her red top off, revealing a set of full, tanned breasts. Taking her time, she then admirably caressed her hair-covered pussy and started to passionately suck her finger. She loved feeling her wetness and hairs intensely tickling her lips. Whimpering in pleasure, Mia felt that warmth become an inferno and melted into pure bliss. The experience was so intense, she almost forgot she was wearing a red top.

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