a young man is sucking the cock of an older guy

He was a young, handsome man with daring eyes and a voluptuous silhouette. His body scented of pure seduction. Today he was in for a special treat. The older, attractive man had already taken off his clothes and patiently waited for him. The young man kneeled down and and looked up with a mixture of admiration and lust. He inched closer and began to suck the rockhard cock of the older man, who moaned with delight. His lips and tongue worked their magic. As time passed, his sucking became wilder. The pleasure was immense and the young man could feel every single shudder of pleasure reverberate through the older man’s body. The moment of climax eventually arrived and the older man orgasmed gloriously, pouring his essence into the young man. The scene ended with the young man licking his lips with satisfaction, content with the intense pleasure they had both shared.

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