a young woman blowing her finger in the bedroom

The young woman's delicate finger left her lips as she let out a long, shuddering sigh, eyes closed in ecstasy. She paused to let out a laugh, then lazily scanned the bedroom, where she was all alone. But it hardly mattered - the pleasure and intensity of what she was doing was enough for her. Slowly and lightly, she brought her finger up to her mouth, running her tongue along it before closing her teeth around it and gently, tantalizingly, blowing. The sensations that ran through her were undeniable and irresistibly delicious. She raised her other hand to her lap and soon her moans grew louder, pushed from her by the pleasure that was coursing through her. The young woman smiled contentedly, then slowly brought her finger back to her lips, feeling her arousal still coursing through her, licking her finger clean. She had experienced an incredibly pleasurable moment all to herself, alone in her bedroom, with nothing but the wind blowing against her finger.

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