an asian girl laying on the bed with her pants around

Iris is a young Asian girl, laying in bed with her pants around her ankles. She felt a surge go throughout her body as she heard her boyfriend coming in the room. She knew, without any question, what was about to happen. He cautiously came up to the side of the bed, keeping his eyes locked on Iris'. She was naked from the waist down, her skin smooth and inviting, his fingers brushed her hip as he knelt over her. She shivered under his touch and felt her heart race. His lips grazed her neck and she let out a soft sigh. He continued looking into her eyes, their hands intertwined and tugging at one another. He eased her out of her pants, exposing her further. She felt her core heat up as he lowered his mouth over her, his tongue exploring her with each passionate stroke. She grabbed the sheets and rolled onto her stomach, looking back at him with a naughty smirk. His hand ran up and down her body as he moved his mouth further down, she could feel her arousal intensified. He brought her to heights she had never experienced before, their bodies crashing together in pure bliss. Iris felt safe, but also incredibly turned on. She knew this was only the beginning of a night she would never forget.

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