asian escort sex with two caucasians

Rachel and Liam had been fantasizing about the same thing for months. Taking the plunge and calling an Asian escort to make their fantasies of a ménage à trois a reality. When the lovely Chiyo showed up at the hotel, their nerves were sky high. Liam gently escorted her to the room as Rachel watched in anticipation. In the room, the tension was thick. Rachel was the first to break the ice, walking up to Chiyo and taking her hands in her own. She slowly moved them up and down her body, feeling the curves of her figure through the thin fabric of her dress. Liam joined the sensual show, whispering sweet words into Chiyo's ear as he moved his hands along her sides. The next thing they knew, they were all in bed, their bodies intertwined in a desperate craving for one another. Rachel felt her heart race as Chiyo and Liam touched her, kissed her, moved her in ways she never thought possible. They explored each other, hearts racing, until the pleasure came in overwhelming waves. The trio stayed in that moment, pleasure and desire intertwined, until the sun came up. For a moment it felt like a dream, and then Rachel realized it was reality. In that moment, two caucasians had the most sensuous experience of the century with an Asian escort.

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