asian girl sucking and swallowing cum from man

She had always been curious about his cum; the alabaster fluid he secretly deposited into her mouth. She would often think of it when she first laid eyes on him, and tonight was no exception. His large, Asian figure towered over her, and she could feel his desire getting harder as she took each bit of of his creamy cum into her mouth. She pleasured him with her lips and tongue, and could feel his thick essence pooling there as she tantalizingly sucked. When it was finally time to swallow, she was still aroused as she felt the warmth flush through her throat. She loved the taste and sensation of him filling her mouth; the taste of his exotic cum brought her body to new heights of pleasure. She wanted more. No man had ever brought this kind of pleasure to her before. Tonight was certainly the night that the Asian girl found out what the true power of cum was.

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