asian lady licking her pussy while sucking off a cock

She was in heaven. Every touch was like lightning, electric and mesmerizing. She moaned in sheer pleasure as she let out. Her hands moved towards the magic spot between her legs. She started licking her pussy passionately as she simultaneously sucked off her astonished lover. Her lover moaned and grunted as she felt on the brink of bliss. The Asian lady increased her pace and rhythm as her arousal soared higher and higher. She licked and sucked like an addict in need of a fix and each time she moved it sent waves of delight through her body. Her lover’s cock became harder than ever and his urgent moans filled the air. She felt satisfied to know that her touch had such an effect on him. The Asian lady felt pleasure ripple through her body as the delicious pleasure of orgasm came crashing in. As she laid there, content and exhausted, sucking and licking away, she knew that this was just another in a line of blissful memories she would treasure forever.

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