chinese girl with long brown hair getting fucked in the mouth

Xiao Long was a beautiful Chinese girl with long, flowing chestnut brown hair.She was so incredibly sexy and her full lips begged to be kissed and tasted. Today was a special day. Xiao Long had checked into a luxurious hotel suite and was about to have her wildest desires fulfilled. Her body trembled in anticipation as a tall masculine figure entered the room. He gently moved her hair and ran his hands along her neck and lower, exploring every inch of her body--she was ready for him. The man pulled her closer and kissed her passionately, exploring her mouth with his tongue.He then moved to her neck, running his hands through her hair, and then lower and lower still, kissing and licking and caressing. He moved between her legs and began to lick her with a passion, fingering her as her body glowed with pleasure. She then felt him penetrate her mouth and gasped with pleasure, letting her long brown hair flow around them both as he ravished her, his thrusts getting stronger and deeper until they both reached an explosive orgasm. Xiao Long had never felt so alive with pleasure.

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