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Xiao Long loved money. He had always been a rebellious type and the thrill of the hunt always motivated him to get what he wanted. He was a Chinese slut and he loved to fuck for money. One night he headed to the local bar; there was a certain someone he was hoping to meet. He was searching for a new kind of experience - something even bolder than what he was used to. As luck would have it, she found him first. Their night started out with a few flirty drinks, but soon he threw caution to the wind and took her home for some naughty fun. As their clothes hit the floor, the room seemed to warm up. With every thrust he could feel the stress and tension of the day melting away. When it was all said and done, they lay in bed panting and delighted. Xiao Long had a satisfied smile on his face; he never felt better. After all, it was nice to be able to get what you wanted and get paid for it.

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