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She stood in the center of the room, a Japanese schoolgirl with soft, cotton eyes, and cascading black hair. She was wearing a tight, white blouse that accentuated her voluptuous curves, from her full breasts, to her thick hips. She took off her blouse, revealing her cuckold fetish: two hairy breasts that begged for attention. The man across the room obliged her plea, kneeling before her and wrapping his lips around the tips of each breast, in turn. Immediately, her eyes closed, and a moan escaped her lips as he continued with his passionate suckling. The schoolgirl found her pleasure increasing as he explored her body, lingering on her nipples and areolas before traveling down her stomach, stopping only when he could reach no further. This cuckold fetish pornography had roused her in ways she'd never felt before, and when she couldn't take it anymore, a final gasp escaped her lips.

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