filipina woman having a facial and fucking hard

Lee was a Filipino girl who loved to pamper herself. On special occasions she treated herself to a facial. She enjoyed the feel of the warm mask on her skin and the gentle massage that followed. It made her feel refreshed and sexy. When she emerged from the spa, Lee went home and laid her head back against the pillow. As her stress melted away, her thoughts turned to her masturbating. She thought of someone she had been fantasizing about and felt a longing burning deep inside her. Lee's fantasies became increasingly passionate as she imagined chasing and being chased, caught and held in an embrace that was both gentle and passionate. As her desire rose, she began to touch her aching body as she lay in bed. The combination of the soothing facial, Lee's fantasies and the touch of her body against her own sent a wave of pleasure through her. With one deep thrust, Lee let out a loud moan as she experienced her most intense orgasm so far. Her face was glowing and her body was spent.

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