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Emily, a hot blonde and Ashley, an Asian porn star, connected over their mutual love of erotic photography. Emily had long felt a deep desire to explore her innermost fantasies and Ashley offered to help her along the way. As they chatted and laughed, Ashley timidly suggested they take pictures together. Emily felt a jolt of excitement course through her body at the thought and, without skipping a beat, she agreed. The session started out a bit awkward but soon the ladies lost themselves in their wild desires. They moved around each other, taking turns posing, touching and laughing. With each passing shot, the intensity of the photographs grew more and more, as if their desire for each other was radiating from each frame. By the end of the shoot, Emily and Ashley felt as if they had unlocked something inside of them. They exchanged knowing smiles and Emily couldn't help but feel like their hot blonde and Asian porn photo session had released something special within her.

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