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A hot young Korean girl named Haejin was lounging by the pool, mesmerised by the sun. The heat had her hot and bothered, so she moved her hands to her breasts, gratified to feel her firm nipples through her shirt. She slyly peeled it off, unashamed of her naked body. Her nipples were even bigger than she had imagined, almost daring her to play with them. Haejin leaned back, running her fingers up and down her body as she felt herself becoming more aroused. Slowly, she cupped her bare breasts, lightly squeezing the delicate nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. With each sensation, her nipples hardened and she felt her pleasure deepening. Tempted, Haejin moved slightly in the water, teasing her nipples even more. She gasped with delight as she felt herself split between pleasure and pain, wanting nothing more than to experience more of this blissful feeling. She luxuriated in the sensation of her big, naked nipples as they responded to her touch. It was an exquisite feeling that she wanted to indulge in further.

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