indian babe enjoying a double penetration with the men

The Indian babe let out a moan of pleasure as both men entered her simultaneously. She was enjoying being filled from both sides, the sensation of double penetration sending waves of pleasure throughout her body. As the men moved in perfect harmony inside her she quivered in delight, her body pulsing as both of them pleasured her. She was in ecstasy as she was in the middle of what was becoming an amazing threesome. The men moved with an intensity she had not experienced before and rolled her over on to her front, pulling the Indian babe back in to them as they continued the deep, passionate thrusts. With every sensation she could feel the energy mounting inside her, her body screaming out to them as they filled her up. The Indian babe shuddered and climaxed with a ferocity she had not expected, lost in the pleasure of the double penetration that had driven her to new heights of ecstasy. She collapsed in a satisfied and pleasured puddle after the experience, her body humming still with the pleasure they had gallantly given her.

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