indian couple sex with the guy in bed

The Indian couple was lying in bed, eagerly exploring each other's naked bodies. The guy placed gentle kisses around her neck and shoulders as his strong hands roamed up and down her curves. She returned the favor by feeling his hard chest and teasing his inner thighs with her fingertips. The anticipation of their passionate love-making was building up until they both were overwhelmed and quickly connected. Feebly moans were heard as Indians moved in rhythm, faster and faster, as desire took over. The couple was moved to a different level when they moved to different positions and felt their skin connected to every inch of one another's body. Their ecstatic cries of pleasure echoed throughout the room, and their indian souls sang out with release. With every thrust and caress, the couple's erotic passion for each other and for the pleasure of sex seemed to go beyond physical dimensions. The intense pleasure and the knowledge that their connection was something special kept this indian couple in bed, entangled for hours until the sun was all but gone and exhaustion replaced their exhilaration.

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