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Mai had always been fascinated by Japanese culture and its often over-the-top and often erotic art. But when she arrived in Tokyo, she found that her fantasies had only scratched the surface of what Japanese sexuality had to offer. She found herself entranced by the sight of Japanese Asian sex – the way the clothing embraced their curves, the multiple orgasms that seemed to flow through each partner like a river, and the passionate and breathless laughter that each new experience offered. From the moment they touched, Mai knew that there was something special between them. With every kiss, caress and intimate moment, the sparks of pleasure would fly and ignite them both in equal measure. Over time they explored each other's bodies with the same intensity and passion. By the time they finally reached orgasm, Mai felt as if an eternity had passed between them – their mutual pleasure tempered by an intense connection that only Japanese Asian sex could bring. She had never felt so alive before, and as she lay in her partner's arms, a satisfied smile crossed her lips.

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