japanese young woman on her knees taking cock

It had been quite a day for the Japanese young woman, as she braced herself on her trembling knees before him. He was powerful and intimidating, but so were the sensations coursing through her body as she anxiously awaited his next move. Finally, she felt his cock between her welcoming lips, as if it had been beckoning her all along. With each movement of her head and lips, the sensations increased, and she felt herself growing more and more aroused. The Japanese young woman felt her knees buckling underneath her as she surrendered more and more to the pleasure of pleasing him. All the while, his cock was rock hard before her, a symbol of his desire for her. She felt proud knowing that she had given him the satisfaction he so desired. And although her knees may ache after she rose from that position, she would maintain a satisfied smile on her face, knowing that his cock had been split—split by her loving touch.

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