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Kawaiirishu was an Asian teen from Japan. She was one of those rare people you couldn't help but find fascinating. Every morning she would go to the pool, and take a dip in the embrace of the cool, fresh water. Her body glowed like a diamond, with her small but curvy figure playing the rythm of the waves created by her strokes. One day she was visited by an individual who had been watching her for some time. Her heart was pounding. She had always been a curvy and petite girl, so the sight of this tall man filled her with excitement. He grabbed her hips and hugged her fiercely. His strength was intoxicating and she closed her eyes, giving in to the sensation of being fucked in the pool. Her legs trembled and he carried her onto the shore. Kawaiirishu was now in the arms of her Asian dream, and the pleasure she experienced was like nothing she had ever felt before.

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