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John was an American on a working holiday in Thailand. He had heard tales of the wild parties, amazing bars and gorgeous women the country had to offer and figured it was the ultimate destination for a bachelor. Little did he knew he was about to discover an entirely different—yet exciting—world. Whilst walking through the busy markets he stumbled upon a local shop selling China pornstar sex photos. Feeling more than a little intrigued, he cautiously stepped through the doors to be greeted by rows of provocative shots. Scandalous and seductive images of bodies in various positions flashed before his eyes, leaving him absolved in a tidal wave of desire. He had never been much of an expert on porn stars, but looking at those images he felt himself unable to resist the temptation. While his practical mind shouted at him to turn away, his innermost desires pulled him towards the glossy pictures. Thailand had always been about pleasure and this was no exception. He was keen to explore further.

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