the asian girl with the nice big ass is spreading her pussy

Lora was an Asian beauty with a body that had curves in all the right places, but it was her glorious big ass that had caught my eye. I ran my hands down her body, feeling the smoothness of her skin and was captivated when I got to her ass. I spread her cheeks and was mesmerized by the sight of her tight, wet pussy. I felt my desire growing more and more as I knelt behind her and ran my tongue along her silky flesh. I licked and kissed her, pushing deeper and deeper in until I felt her split open and start to shudder. My hands roamed her body, exploring every inch of her and making her gasp in pleasure as she pulled her ass apart for me. I moved faster and faster, feeling her moan in ecstasy, and I soon found myself unable to resist the sheer pleasure of the moment. The sensation of her hot pussy spread open and all around me was too much to handle. I could barely take it when I finally felt her orgasm, every muscle tense and her cry of delight echoing around us as we both shuddered in pleasure.

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