this guy has two holes sucking big naked breasts

The man had been searching for something special for a long time and was now convinced he had found it. He was ready to sample the abomination of two holes simultaneously. He put his hands around each breast, feeling the big, fleshy mounds and the two inviting suckable nipples. Slowly, he leaned forward and let his tongue explore the holes. His tongue lingered in each one, savouring every sensation and sending pleasure coursing through his body. He could feel the nipples swell in his mouth, drawing them in deeper and creating a rhythm of suction. His hands were pleasurably lost in the nakedness of the breasts, exploring every contour and curve. Soon, his pleasure grew too intense to keep him still, and he moved to switch between the two holes. His senses now overloaded, he gave in to his desires and drank deeply from each soft sweet nipple, feeling the warmth and wetness of each hot indentation as it sucked on him and sent him towards his ultimate pleasure.

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