this lady is lying on her back while wearing stockings

Lying in bed, the lady slowly reveals her body. Her alluring curves are only accentuated by her lace lingerie and the sheer black stockings that she wears. Slowly her fingers make their way up her legs and slip into the edges of her stockings, caressing her skin. The stockings stretching over her shapely legs, suit her body like second skin. As her fingers continue to wander her body, her arousal grows beneath the fabric. Soft moans of pleasure escape her lips as her fingertips delicately graze her thighs and move over her curves. The hot feeling of the fabric against her skin is like an invitation she can't refuse. She slowly pulls the stockings higher, feeling the light brush of fabric against her inner thighs, her back arching with delight. They seduce her, tempting her with the promise of what's to come. In the semi-darkness, she can't help but feel the thrill of arousal as she moans in pleasure.

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