this sexy girl is laying on her back in bed

The sexy girl was laying on her back, on top of the silky sheets and blankets that adorn her bed. Her body was illuminated by the shafts of light, streaming through the window. Her curves were intensified, her beauty inviting. She clenched the sheets in her hands, and started to roll from side to side. She felt the warmth of herself and let out a soft moan of pleasure. She desired to be explored and caressed. The girl arched her back, feeling the soft fabric of her lingerie caressing her soft skin. Her breasts were rising with her demands, as her hands moved down her body and every movement sparked a wave of pleasure, desire and even more fervor. The way she was laying, the light now hitting her face, filled with a pleasure that could not be put into words. Her skin was flushed and her breath was a barely audible moan. She was fully in tune with herself, her movements serving her ultimate pleasure.

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