tongue masturbation of sexy oriental lady

Lusty moans filled the air as her warm, soft hand eagerly explored her body. Her delicate skin shivered as the tips of her tongue experienced the delightful sensations of tongue masturbation. Gently rolling her tongue around her aroused flesh and lapping up her honeyed juices, she allowed the pleasure to wash over her. Feeling bold and naughty, the sexy oriental lady curled her tongue and explored even further, teasing and pleasuring herself in ever more inventive ways. Her breathy cries grew quicker and more breathless and she gasped in excitement as her orgasm climaxed through her body. Exhausted yet satisfied, she lay still, savouring the afterglow of tongue masturbation. Slowly, her soft breath and lusty moans sounded once more as the pleasure of tongue masturbation claimed her anew.

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