two men and a woman taking out of their cocks

The moon shone brightly one night as two men and a woman gathered together in the dark of night. It was the perfect setting for what they had been wanting to do for a long time - taking out their cocks. The woman removed her top, revealing her naked body. The two men quickly followed suit. She watched eagerly as the cocks were exposed, feeling a wave of desire surge through her. The two men looked at each other, then back at the woman. Without needing a single word, they both grabbed her and pulled her closer. Slowly, each man kissed her as they moved their hands over her body. It was intense, and soon, her cocks were out as well. Together, they all got wilder and wilder. Sharing glances, touching each other and thrusting together until they all came at the same time. It was an unforgettable experience they would never forget.

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