two men and a woman with the male having sex on his bed

On a warm summer night, two men and a woman made their way up to the bedroom. Filled with passionate anticipation, they admired each other’s curves and ran their hands over the other’s body. Shivering with excitement, they tumbled onto the bed. The man kissed her deeply, feeling the heat rising between them. Soon, the two men joined in the bed and their bodies intertwined in a wild dance. The man and woman explored each other while the second man watched in awe, his heart pounding with desire. Soon all three found themselves in perfect harmony, feeling lost in the intensity of the moment. The man was on the bed now, his body writhing with pleasure, as the woman and second man worked their magic. Time seemed to stand still, each one soaking in the incredible sensations. At length, the man and woman collapsed onto the bed, both completely satisfied and finally free.

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