young girl with her shaved asshole

Thea was a young girl who loved experimenting. She was quite daring, often pushing her limits, and recently she wanted to shaven her beloved patch of hair. She didn't tell her friends, or anyone for that matter, about her plan. But one day, when no one else was around, she could feel the buzz of the electric trimmer as it began to glide over her skin. Despite the initial shock of cold metal against her skin, Thea found herself instantly aroused by the sensation. She traced its gentle curves, following the contours of her ass and feeling each curl as it flew away. Little by little her whole area became smoother. Once she was done, she could barely contain the sensation of pleasure that resonated through her. She felt liberated, as if she had gotten rid of a burden. But she was surprised to find out that her shaved asshole had an even bigger effect on her. Every time she touched it, she felt excitement bubbling up in her. She was truly in awe by the potential of her own body.

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